“Come and Give the Gospel to My Students”

Nov 11, 2015 1543


The students listened with great interest as Brother Moses explained the gospel to them.

During my recent gospel trip to Africa, I was in Bihanga, Uganda.

With Brother Moses, I had been sharing the gospel in the street. Nearby there was a primary school.

Unknown to us, the Principal of the primary school had been listening, and he came up to us and said, “Please come and bless my pupils with the message I have heard on the street. They need the gospel as well.”

He invited us to come to the school and share the gospel with his year 7 pupils, who were preparing for an examination.


Brother Moses engagingly explains the gospel to the students using mathematics.

We went to the school, and I asked Moses to share the gospel with them. Surprisingly, Moses used mathematical equations to illustrate the Gospel. By doing so he connected well with these young people.

The Principal has begged us to please plan evangelistic meetings in his school.

I don’t know when we will do this, but since God has opened the way, it will be very easy.

– Pr David Kayumba

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