Daily Devotion 10

Apr 29, 2014 1651

Is anything too hard for the Lord?
Genesis 18:13

This question is the divine reply to Sara’s question, which she addressed to the Lord when he promised she would give birth to her own son with a year. It was common knowledge that women her age did not fall pregnant. Her question breathed scepticism: “After I am old and my master is worn out, will I have this pleasure?”   Clearly, God does not do everything or anything just because he can, but it is better to live under the banner of the first question than the second. As she moves through her years, the disappointments and difficulties of life have left cynical scars on Sara’s personality.  Hope has shrivelled her spirit as well as her body.  Better for her and for us to live out our days under a banner proclaiming God’s sovereignty over all hardship; under a motto which keeps us open to God’s ability to surprise.

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