Daily Devotion 43

Apr 29, 2014 1865

When he does wrong I will punish him with the rod of men . . . but my love will never be taken away from him.
2 Samuel 7:14,15

There is only one constant; only one thing never changes, never fades or falters, never waxes and wanes—only one thing: The love of God.  True, the world is full of pain, a dreadful cloud of sorrow and want darkens every sky.   But these are not the visitations of a piqued and vengeful God.   They are the rod of men. They are the inevitable fruits of our own selfish passion and bloody-minded aggression.  In love God grants us terrible freedom: to make our world unliveable, but his love remains. Therein lies our hope, if there be any hope at all.

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