Daily Good News – All People?

Jun 9, 2015 1462

“‘I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.’ He said this to show the kind of death he was going to die” (John 12:32-33).

Here is the very heart of the gospel message: the message that draws everyone to Christ. That God should sacrifice himself for us unworthy sinners is so incredible no one would have believed it possible had it not happened back there outside the city of Jerusalem. “Oh,” you say, “that’s not true. Lots of people reject him.” Yes, some are rejecting him; some still don’t really believe that he loves them and gave himself for them.

But Jesus meant what he said. We are either drawn to him in salvation, or drawn to him in damnation before the judgment bar. He either takes us at the first resurrection at his coming in glory or he must lift us up to his judgment seat at the third advent on the other side of the millennium. All are drawn to Christ – all of us. We either fall on the Rock and are broken now, or at his coming we will be smashed to pieces, because we aren’t ready for heaven.

In Jesus, God gave up his immortality so that we might have it. He took our death sentence and gave us his life in exchange. He took our sin and covered it with his righteousness. How, then, do you think he will feel about those who spurn his costly gift? Those who go to heaven are those who have heaven in their hearts. Heaven and Jesus are the same. To receive Jesus is to receive heaven. It is to receive life everlasting.


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