Daily Good News – Let God Turn Your Defeat Into Victory

Apr 13, 2015 1127

“We had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel” (Luke 24:21).

These two disciples, most likely Cleopas and his wife Mary, were shattered people, their hopes and dreams nailed to the cross and laid in the tomb with Jesus. Like many others, they had pinned their hopes on Jesus as the rescuer of Israel. Perhaps, like many others, they thought mainly of rescue in terms of release from the rule of the hated Romans. Perhaps also, they had a glimmer of understanding of Jesus’ message of salvation for a lost world.

They had probably heard from others that Jesus had risen from the dead, but, like Thomas and others, they didn’t believe it. With their hopes shattered, they were walking westwards towards their home in the village of Emmaus, into the sunset, and, they believed, a long night without their hoped-for Messiah.

But they were overlooking the fact that Jesus had always turned apparent defeats into victory, and death into life, and this was the greatest of all defeats turned into the greatest victory of history.

In times of trial we, too, need to remember that if God can transform death into life, then he has solutions for our lesser problems also.

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