How Darius Found the Rest He Was Seeking – Rwanda

Apr 2, 2018 1551

How Darius Found the Rest He Was Seeking – Rwanda

When Darius tuned into the radio, he didn’t realise it would change his life.

Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Darius learned that this rest is available to him while listening to Gospel radio content.

Darius lives in Rwanda where, as a committed Christian, he is studying at seminary. He is passionate about becoming a minister so he can share his faith with others. However, he always felt that he was still searching for something.

Darius was tuning into the radio one day when he started listening to a sermon that was being broadcast. Something about it caught his attention and he stayed on the station. As he listened, he heard the speaker talking about the ultimate rest that believers can enjoy.

Something started to stir in Darius’ heart. He felt as if the speaker was talking to him personally. This rest was what he wanted. It was what he had been searching for.


This rest was what he had been searching for


Darius was so moved by what he heard that he contacted the radio station. When he asked about the preacher, the station gave him the details of GNU’s Pr Bonifresh.

Darius contacted Pr Bonifresh, and shared with him how the sermon had impacted him and changed his perspective. He said,

That rest is what I have been seeking throughout my life. 

He said he will keep in contact with Pr Bonifresh, and that he wants to learn more so he can teach what he has learned as a minister. 

– Ella Rodionoff

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