Declared Righteous

Feb 5, 2017 1841

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Declared Righteous

What do Christians mean when they talk about being justified?

Being justified doesn’t mean you’ve become perfect. Instead, it means God has declared you forgiven – perfect in his sight despite your sin.

God declares the repentant sinner perfect the moment he or she starts following Jesus. That is the essence of the Good News. Here’s how the Bible puts it in Romans 5, verse 8:

Adam’s one sin brings condemnation for everyone, but Christ’s one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone.

Being justified is even more than being forgiven. It means that God treats us as innocent, and our relationship with him is restored.

Give thanks to God that through Jesus, God doesn’t see you and I as failures. He sees the goodness and holiness of his Son, Jesus, the one who took on the sin of the world, that we might be set justified and set free.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Declared Righteous

Through Jesus, God doesn’t see you and I as failures. Instead, we are declared righteous.

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