Disabled Jonius Inspires Believers in India

Nov 16, 2015 1470


Jonias’ joy at having discovered Jesus as his Saviour is totally infectious!

Jonius, who is 20 years old and cannot walk. He saw Pastor Joseph’s weekly television program, and was not content just to listen to it. He called Pastor Joseph to find out more. Pastor Joseph gave him a copy of Jesus Only, which he read from cover to cover, accepting Jesus into his life as a result.

He has become a regular attendee at the Gospel meetings, and has a vision for helping to spread the good news about Jesus.


Jonias cannot walk, but he is dedicating all he can do to spreading the good news about Jesus!

Jonius is a musician. As a child at school, he learned the keyboard, and he is a good singer. He wants to use his talent to provide music for the meetings—to sing and play and to lead a choir. He is now praying that God will provide a keyboard so he can use his talents to help spread the Gospel.

His vision is infectious, and Pastor Joseph is working with him to establish a GNU choir in India to travel to the Gospel meetings “singing, praising and spreading the holy Gospel.”

“Please pray for it,” Pr Joseph concludes.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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