Do I Look Good in This?

Oct 14, 2013 1906

When I fell in love with the one who is now my wife, it was love at first sight. And when I did, she had long hair. Please allow me to confess that I always preferred the fairer sex with longer hair.

Over the years Ana has dropped hints now and then that she would like to cut hair short. I have at times ignored them, and at other times been briefly dismissive. After all, with my own hair falling out, our family was suffering a drastic net hair deficit.

AnaA couple of weeks ago Ana went to the shops and came back with short hair. You know how women try something out and ask, “Do I look good in this?” That’s a no-win question. Do you lie and end up in the lake of fire, or do you tell the truth and end up in the dog house? Lake of fire… dog house? Lake of fire… dog house? Mmmm… not much of a choice.

Let me tell you that when my wife came back with short hair, she didn’t even have to ask me. I told the truth. That’s the way I roll.

Everyone else thought she looked great; “It looks so cute!” they all said. I told her I didn’t like it; she did not look good at all. And after I had made very, very clear, I made sure to add that I still loved her. I am after all, a considerate husband.

Don’t tell her I said this. I know that she is too busy to read this blog very often, so please keep this to yourself.

Now after 2 weeks, I am starting to agree that Ana looked sensational before, and…. OK…  she still looks sensational now. I am coming round. She is still the gorgeous young girl I married. Maybe I have been wrong and she, and others, have been right.

I’d like to think I’m not more stubborn than most (although Ana will have a different view)

It’s hard to admit you’ve been wrong. It’s hard to change the views of a lifetime, especially when it has to do with your view of God and his grace and the gospel. It was hard for the disciples; it was hard for Paul. The truth is, I’ve had to do it. Only by the grace of God… and it’s still hard.

But time heals all things.

It even makes hair grow… Hey… I’m still working through is, OK?

Eliezer Gonzalez


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