Doing Things God’s Way

Oct 27, 2015 1403

Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody (Romans 12:17).

A Christian must not only do what is right, he or she must always be seen to do what is right.

A Christian man, who was employed by the city council, was driving along a suburban road when he saw his pastor’s car parked by the verge, so he stopped to greet him. The pastor was sitting there giving a Bible study to a young woman who was not related to him. The woman’s husband was opposed to her becoming a Christian so would not let the pastor visit her at home. But the pastor’s decision to give Bible studies to her in his car concerned my friend so he kindly told the pastor that what he was doing was not right in his eyes nor would it be right in the eyes of anyone else. At least he should also have his wife there with him.

Don’t bring discredit on the Lord or his work by doing what is not right in the eyes of others. What they see could give them a very good excuse for having nothing to do with Christianity.

Having said this, there is an honourable way to do what is wrong in the eyes of others. Jesus was strongly criticised by the religious elite for eating and drinking with sinners, but he justified his actions by telling them that, like a physician, he had come to heal the sick, not the healthy.

There are plenty of people out there who are rejected by so-called Christians, people like untouchables and people with gender issues. God loves every one of them and wants them all in his kingdom. Will you overcome your own prejudices and work with him for their salvation?

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