Doors Open for Ministry in Kampala, Uganda

Aug 3, 2018 7986

Doors Open for Ministry in Kampala, Uganda

Pr Bonifresh stands with people from the iTiS Well of Worship fellowship.

The continuing ministry of GNU in Uganda has once again caught the attention of people in the area. I was recently invited to speak by iTiS Well of Worship, an upcoming Christian fellowship group made up mostly of young people.

Pr Isaiah is the leader of the fellowship. Recently, they migrated from the town centre where they used to hire a place for their services to the outskirts of Kampala. One of the members donated a piece of land and now the group is raising funds to construct a building of their own. As soon as I arrived I was taken to the scene and was asked to pray and dedicate the structure to the Lord.

Pr Isaiah is a trained pastor and an ardent Bible student. A few months ago he began a Bible reading programme and it was interesting to hear how every member had something to say about a particular book of the Bible. He believes in the freedom of the text where every member should be well equipped with the word of God in its original context.

The fellowship is built upon the premise of salvation by grace through faith alone. The group membership is drawn from various faith backgrounds. They have a membership of around 60 but regular members are about 30. The rest are mostly active on social media.


The fellowship is built upon the premise of salvation by grace through faith alone


The group is selective on the type of preachers invited and therefore it was a great honour for GNU to be invited to talk to the members. I spoke about the doctrine of righteousness by faith in the light of the book of Galatians. The presentation was entitled “Crisis In Galatia”. The gist of it was the battle between ‘righteousness of faith’ versus ‘righteousness of faith plus works’ as witnessed in Galatian churches which had been invaded by Judaisers in the absence of the Apostle Paul.

The iTiS fellowship does not use pulpits. All gather around seated together with the preacher. Anyone passing across would easily mistake the meeting for something else. The secret is that all are encourage to feel equal. This is how I presented my sermon/bible study for 60 minutes.

Afterwards the members were given a chance to ask questions and give comments. After this, I finally gave the mantle to Pr Isaiah. He thanked GNU for sending me to speak to them on the subject. He said that the presentation was very timely as the group was in the initial stages of theological development similar to the Galatian churches. Pr Isaiah expressed his desire to work closely with GNU and help many more people in that area to come to the knowledge of Jesus as their personal saviour.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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Micheal Ssemwogerere

Jun 9, 2024

Subject: Support Needed for Children's Bible Study Program - Speak The Bible Truth Kiteezi Dear Mr Smei Bakubi I trust this letter finds you well. My name is Micheal Kyazze, a pastor of Speak The Bible Truth Kiteezi, and I am writing to share a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact in our community. We are excited to announce the launch of a Children's Bible Study program at our church every Saturday. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment for the children in our community to learn and grow in their faith. To ensure the success of this initiative, we are reaching out to seek financial support for the purchase of Bibles. The Scriptures teach us the importance of imparting knowledge and values to the younger generation, and we believe that by establishing a regular Children's Bible Study, we can contribute to the spiritual growth and development of our community's youth. We kindly request your support to help us acquire Bibles for the children participating in this program. Your generous contribution will not only provide the necessary resources but also play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and faith among the younger members of Speak The Bible Truth Kiteezi. If you are willing to support this initiative, please find the details for donations below: Micheal Ssemwogerere Kyazze +256772992386 For funds, send to mobile Money on +256 765 020 368 In the names of Proscovia Naluyima. We appreciate your consideration and are confident that your support will make a lasting impact on the lives of the children in our community. Thank you for being a vital part of this effort to Speak The Bible Truth in Kiteezi. Blessings, Micheal and Teddy Kyazze Speak The Bible Truth Kiteezi


Apr 25, 2019

Praise be the name of the Lord. I am so happy with how the word of God is reaching every where. Thank you Lord Jesus .

Musinguzi Aaron

Feb 23, 2019

Praise Jesus!!??....I am so much glad and blessed of the divine emails I often receive from Elizar Gonzalez .. There is the way God is using this man (very well) to teach me His Word. May God bless her so much. There is the way God is using me also to share His Word to the poor, broken hearted, students, the Old ?.. even in my group "I LOVE JESUS" and on my facebook platform. I can't explain to you fully the much joy I feel in my heart after sharing the Word of God with others. The home cell groups (discipleship groups) I begun recently in our schools have brought healing in student's hearts ?. The only challenge we have is lack of enough Bibles. We use three Bibles plus one in my phone ?.. Keep praying for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that is being preached in schools. Below are some of the pictures of students trying to discuss the scripture in Jonah 1:6ff

Tinashe Tendai Dube

Feb 23, 2019

first of I want to thank God for directing me to this group since I joined this group my faith to God grow everyday I was not reading the bible but now I do it every time when I'm how be with the Bible. thanks to the GNU group for helping me. the only problem I have is that financial problem we are just using small room that's were we meet and pray after that we go around the street preaching, at first we was 25members but now we are 186 member so please we are asking the financial to help us to build the church thanks

Kabagambe Fred

Sep 11, 2018

Thank you for your prayer conference which has finished. Please pray for me transport. God bless.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Aug 6, 2018

Dear Brother Fred, I have asked our representative in Kampala to contact you. Grace and peace, Eliezer Gonzalez

Kabagambe Fred

Aug 3, 2018

Is not bard to be one of them becouse I am evangilism I like God me and my famly I started one church mubende district but now I have 14 churches in different districts So the work of God is going a head but I have challeges on this work of God 1---transport for helping this work to evangilism If I get offerings and tithes I give of orphans I don't have eny surport to encourege People and pastors other reads God blesses you

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