Dried Coconut Seller Finds Hope in Jesus – Erukapadu, India

Apr 26, 2017 1887

Mohan Rao shares the story of how Jesus changed his life

Mohan Rao shares the story of how Jesus changed his life.

In the village of Erukapadu, India, a dried coconut seller named Mohan Rao has accepted Jesus into his life through the GNU TV programme. He was more involved than most people in Hindu worship, but the power of the gospel transformed his whole life.

Mohan Rao used to run a small business, selling dried coconuts outside the front of a Hindu temple. He depended on the worshippers for his custom, but even though here was a constant flow of people, his business was small and he worried that it might go under. On top of it all, he had many family issues that were also always on his mind. It seemed that he lived under a mountain of worries.

But one day, in the midst of all that chaos overwhelming him, he channel surfed into the GNU TV programme. He sat glued to the screen as he heard the message of the Gospel, speaking hope into his stressful life. He continued watching, and soon accepted Jesus into his life.

He decided that as a Christian, he didn’t want to work in front of a Hindu temple any more. So he left his business behind, and started another small business. His family started watching the GNU TV programme as well and have accepted Jesus also. He now has peace from his family problems too.

Mohan Rao says,

While I was running the dried Coconut business there was no peace and no happiness in my life. I was a Hindu and all people who used to buy coconuts from me would go to temple and worship idols. But one day, at my house I heard about Jesus on the TV and it taught me about him. I accepted Jesus into my life and my whole family is happy now. Thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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