Faith in the Blood of the Lamb of God

Nov 13, 2015 1394


God presented Jesus as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood (Romans 3:25).

On the old covenant Day of Atonement—the day God had chosen to redeem his people from slavery in Egypt—salvation was offered only to those in homes protected from death by the blood of the Passover lamb, which had been smeared on the top and sides of the door-frame (Exodus 12:23).

Those Hebrews who had faith in the God of Israel, plus a number of Egyptians, were protected from death by their faith in the blood of the Lamb.

The New Testament reveals that the new covenant Passover Lamb is Jesus (1 Cor. 5:7). God lifted up Jesus on the Cross as a sacrifice of atonement for all who put their faith in him. We need ever to remember that Jesus is our Saviour. We receive that salvation by faith, not by works. Those who were led out of slavery in Egypt by Moses were saved solely by their faith in the blood of the Passover lamb.

When we put our faith in Jesus, he will lead us out of the house of our bondage. Your particular bondage may be different from mine. Some are bound by physical addiction, others by mental addiction. Some are bound by an over-controlling parent or spouse, or employer. We are all bound by our sinful state.

Whatever your situation, if it is immoral and wicked, call upon the Lord for deliverance.
I did and his answer astounded me by its immediacy.

God loves. Trust him.


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