Get Off Your Throne

Sep 19, 2022 697

Get Off Your Throne

Get Off Your Throne

I work from home, and about three years ago, my family bought me a really comfy work chair for Christmas.

I love my chair! I try to get up and take the dog for a walk once or twice a day, but I still spend way too much time in that chair!

The Bible tells the story of Jonah, who went to the city of Nineveh to warn the people to repent and to turn to God. And when the king of Nineveh heard about it, he got off his throne, took his royal robe off, and humbled himself before God.

You know, that’s something we all should do more often. But in fact, most people not just stay on their throne, but they’re actually trying to build their throne higher than God’s.

Jesus got off his throne, left heaven and went to the Cross out of love for you.

Remember: It’s time to get off your throne!

Elizezer Gonzalez

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