“I Am Glad To Be Baptised in Christ Jesus” Testimonies from The Blessy Old Age Care Centre – Nandiwada, India

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“I Am Glad To Be Baptised in Christ Jesus” Testimonies from The Blessy Old Age Care Centre – Nandiwada, India

People at the Blessy Old Age Care Centre in Nandiwada, India, have accepted Jesus and have been baptised.

The Blessy Old Age Care Centre started with great faith in Jesus with the mission to serve and preach the Good News to elderly people who have been living in remote villages.  These people are some of the poorest of the poor in society and have no where to live and no one to look after them.

By the grace of God, these people are able to come and live at the Blessy Old Age Care Centre in Nandiwada, India, where we have given them clothes and are feeding them daily.

Some previously Hindu women who are staying at the centre have accepted Jesus and want to be baptised. Here are their stories:

Venkateswaramma is 52 years old and she was raised as a Hindu and had never heard about Jesus. But after coming to the old age care centre, she was so inspired and started learning about Jesus. She says,

I never thought that I would make it to old age. I am so happy here and am glad to be learning about the holy Gospel and Jesus.

Lakshime Kanthamma is 65 years old and she was Hindu. She used to go to various Hindu temples to sing and dance and tell other people about the idols. But she came to the old age care centre and was happy to learn about Jesus. She says,

It is my new life starting in Christ. I am so happy to be baptised.


God is the one who has brought me here.


Achumma is 63 years old. Her family and her daughters are Hindu and she made the decision herself to come to the old age care centre. She had never heard about Jesus. So now she is very happy and glad to learn about the holy Gospel and Jesus. She says,

I am so happy here and I have been learning about Jesus and Christian teaching. I have been praying daily and God has been helping me in all ways. I am so happy to be baptised.

Eramma is 65 years old and she was also born into a Hindu family and she did not know about Jesus. But she came from a very far place to be at the old age care centre. She says,

It is the first time I am hearing about Jesus. I never heard about Jesus before this. So God is the one who has brought me here. I am so happy and glad to be baptised.

Mangamma was born into a Hindu family. She is 56 and had done many idol rituals and had a small temple in her house. But she is very inspired and moved by the care she is given at the old age care centre. She left everything and came and she is very happy and learning about Jesus. She says,

My life has changed by coming here to the old age care centre. I am so happy now and I am glad to be baptised in Christ Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 20, 2018

Yes, that's God's business, and he wants it to be our business also. Praise the name of Jesus!! – Eliezer Gonzalez

Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 20, 2018

That's right John. Bless the name of Jesus! – Grace and peace, Eliezer Gonzalez


Mar 18, 2018

Only God can lead one to a right place. And only Him that blesses and cares through His Son Jesus

Tom Durst

Mar 17, 2018

Truly God is in the business of blessing people and making them whole through Jesus Christ. Praise His name!!!

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