GNU Blogs on a Bus Bring Ministry Opportunity

Mar 10, 2019 27820

GNU Blogs on a Bus Bring Ministry Opportunity

Pr Bonifresh met Carolyne on a bus trip when he was reading GNU blogs.

Carolyne is 21 years old and in her final year of college in Nanyuki, Kenya, where she is pursing a certificate in a teaching course, specifically in Christian Religious Education and Kiswahili language. As young as she is, she already possess a knowledge about the Gospel that I admire. 

I met her on a hot afternoon in Nairobi. I was sitting at the front seat of a Passenger Vehicle that was bound for Nanyuki Town, located 300 kilometres inland. There, I was supposed to meet my relatives and friends, most of whom I hadn’t seen for about five years.

In my hands I was holding a daily newspaper in an attempt to keep myself up to date with the latest happenings in the country. My serene world was interrupted by a woman who requested I sacrifice my comfortable sitting position for her cousin. Without protest, I granted her request and in the next few minutes, Carolyne was sitting next to me as the vehicle hurried out of the city.

Our long and fruitful conversation was triggered by her natural curiosity when she could not help keeping an eye upon my computer tablet and seeing the initials GNU. I was reading some of the latest blogs from the GNU website not knowing that she was reading along with me. That made me think, what if I had been reading something un-Christ-like? The answer is that I would have totally misrepresented Christ on that one occasion and missed the opportunity to witness. Thank God I was not.


I was reading some of the latest blogs from the GNU website not knowing that she was reading along with me


After that, I felt easy and I immediately asked her whether she was interested in religious things to which she responded in the positive, qualifying it with an interesting testimony of how she had dramatically met Christ at school. Poor Carolyne lost her mum three years ago. As if that was not enough torture, she then lost her father to alcoholism leaving her and her siblings in the care of uncles. Despite these hardships, Carolyne kept herself pure, resisting all negative peer influence by finding refuge at the house of God. She is a youth leader in the local church.

I explained to her about the GNU message and its operations. We continued reading the GNU blogs together, and she would ask me a question here and there. She says that she will talk to her superiors back in Nairobi to invite GNU for a youth talk, citing that the GNU materials had a lot that sounded new and beneficial to her group.

Carolyn says, “Please consider visiting our church and sharing some of that with us”.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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May 2, 2019

Such a wonderful story a true blessing God is at work everywhere....AMEN

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