GNU Board Approves Bold Africa Strategy

Sep 6, 2015 1788


Children in Uganda. I took this photo near Kangalumira, one of the places where we will share the gospel (Eliezer).

Last Thursday, 3 September 2015, the board of GNU approved an expansive strategy for our ministry in Africa over the next 12 months.

While Duncan Wood and I were in Kampala, we were visited by individuals and delegations from other countries in Eastern Africa, pleading with us to help them share the gospels in their communities. Being in Africa also helped us to understand the cultural issues required for successful ministry in Africa. We were also able to realise just how enormous the need is in that vast continent.


A few of GNU’s key leaders in Africa with whom we met, representing Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. Ready, willing, and able!

As a result of this, I sat down with Pr David Kayumba (GNU’s Euro-African Evangelism Coordiinator) and we spent a morning prayerfully planning a strategy for how to reach countless thousands of people in Africa with the gospel of Jesus. There are so many willing people in Africa, and so the plan involves mobilising and training the local people. It also involves sending Pr David Kayumba to Africa in order to preach and teach and organise. There is only so much you can do through email, and after that, boots are needed on the ground! Additionally, a sequential evangelism model will be adopted in targeted locations, particularly in Uganda.


Pr David Kayumba preaching the gospel in Kampala, Uganda.

All of this will culminate late next year with harvesting campaigns in various countries in Africa. The people who accept Jesus Christ will be placed in local Christian churches, and where this is not possible, gospel fellowships, or home churches will be started. All of this will be supported through the publication of more gospel literature, as well as GNU’s radio and television programmes in Africa.

The board of GNU is confident in faith that this strategy will allow the ministry of GNU, and its message of the gospel, to begin to become entrenched in Eastern Africa. The implementation of the strategy will require significant investment in the gospel by GNU, and a great amount of energy. David Kayumba, one of the architects of this strategy, and GNU evangelist to Africa, says,

We thank God for that for the fact that the GNU board is united for the work of the Gospel. We greatly appreciate every sacrifice made by everyone on the GNU board in support of this numb er one job in the world. We are available to the leading of the holy spirit; we shall walk, talk and do until Christ stops us. We plant the seeds for the kingdom, and we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves.
God is faithful.

We have seen the need. We are responding to God’s call. We are going in the strength of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to all of you who support the ministry of Good News Unlimited with your prayers, your actions, and your sacrifice.

Please pray that thousands of people will be in the Kingdom as a result of this initiative.

– Eliezer Gonzalez



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