“God Bless You, Emma” Whispered in Kigali – by Laura Stewart

Mar 24, 2016 1683

My Jesus I love thee praising before sermon

Emma sings a praise hymn before sharing her message

Recently in Rwanda, Evangelist Emma has been sharing the Gospel again and again.

During a trip to Musanze on 12th March 2016, Emma was not only embraced by its congregants, but by other local pastors as well.  Pastors Ev. Musinga Joel and Ev. Bangamwabo Jadot from the Children of God Church of Kigali, were visiting the Maranatha Church that very day.  She reflects on their immediate bond:

We were all glad for Jesus’s blood which made us one and connects us.

From that initial meeting in Musanze,  Ev.Musinga Joel invited Emma to their church to speak on 19th March 2016–a true reflection of just how quickly and effectively Emma’s work is spreading.  She says:

I was so excited to be meeting new faces and share the Good news of Christ with them, I accepted their invitation and promised them to bring Jesus+0 books to their fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.

She continues telling about how the book Jesus + 0 has been such a welcomed and important tool in her ministry:

All recieved Jesus+0 books

Jesus + 0 is an eagerly awaited book by Rwandan church-goers

It was amazing to meet these people of God. They were very happy to see me, and grateful to receive books. Everyone could just whisper in my ears during greeting time, “God bless you Emma.”  Amen. I also say God keep blessing GNU and its supporters to continue your great work in God’s people around the world, Amen!

–Laura Stewart

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