“God Has Sent You To Us” – Ventrapagada, India

Oct 7, 2016 1296

The children gratefully receive food from Pr Joseph.

The children gratefully receive food from Pr Joseph.

In an Indian village named Ventrapagada there is an “untouchable” community that lives excluded from the rest of society.

The people here are so poor that they live in a cluster of huts that have never seen running water or electricity. They have no beds or basic furniture, and live without so many seemingly simple things that other people in their village take for granted.

Their daily meal, if they are fortunate enough to get one that day, consists of a rat or snake caught in the fields. Also, because of their poverty the children don’t have access proper schooling. This is life in the abandoned strata of Indian society, where government and community good intentions rarely reach.

Pr Joseph Prays for the Children

Pr Joseph Prays for the Children of Ventrapagada.

But God’s love can reach even there, as it did when Pr Joseph recently came across this community in his travels. Following Jesus’ example of reaching out to those rejected by society, he stopped and took the time to hear about their lives. He also began sharing the hope of the Gospel and the love of Jesus with this ostracised community.

Pr Joseph continues to visit every week, sharing the Gospel and praying with parents and children alike, as well as helping however he can.

Fathana, a woman from the community, told Pr Joseph,

My ancestors died without knowing about Jesus. And many of the children also went around without knowing about Jesus. But through you we came to know about him. We all are saved in Christ Jesus. Thanks to Jesus.  

Gagadhar also lives in the community. He said,

We have been living in these tiny huts and we had never heard about Jesus. So God has sent you to us. Our children also live in a very poor condition. Please pray for them. I’ve accepted Jesus in my life.

– Ella Rodionoff

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