“God Has Spared My Life So That Today I Could Meet You On This Road” – Captain Langet Simon

Nov 13, 2015 1540


Capt. Langet Simon (L) chased us down the road to receive his copy of “Jesus Only.” Pr David Kayumba is on his right.

During my recent gospel mission trip to Uganda In October of this year (2015), we were leaving the army Barracks in Bihanga, when a man came running after us along the road. He was army Captain Langet Simon, and he was joyful when he caught up with us. This is what he said,

I heard about this book from the men in my barracks and I made up my mind to find this book as early as possible. I have been seeing people with this book and when I inquired about it, they told me that the book is a gift being given out by some visitors.

And I so I woke up early to come to this place and try to find out about this book. To my surprise you stopped close by me!

You see I am a Catholic and I love God and I am sure God has acted marvelously in my life. Imagine I am an army captain in the Ugandan army and yet I am not qualified academically! I attribute this success to God, and that is why I really want to know him much better and for much better reasons other than what I consider a benefit for my professional life.

The title of this book tells me of something much greater than I could imagine. And the fact that you are giving this book as a free gift in this country where even in the hospital you cannot get a free thing, it is amazing! I am very grateful for this book. I am now going to attend the morning mass so that I take a copy of this book to my friend.

After a lengthy discussion by the roadside we gave him a copy of the book Jesus Only, and one for his friend. He left in joy as he discovered that God has acted to save him long time ago. His parting words to us were,

Praise God! He has spared my life so that one day I might meet you on this road. Praise God!

– David Kayumba

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