“God Heard Your Prayers” – How Sabina Was Healed

Jul 5, 2019 23768

“God Heard Your Prayers” – How Sabina Was Healed

Sabina is grateful to God for healing her.

On the 10th of May 2019, GNU Health Ministries in Uganda decided to visit one of the biggest Hospitals in Uganda, Entebbe Hospital. Our purpose was to offer hope to the sick through reading the Word of God and thereafter saying a prayer of hope for the ailing.

Our first patient was Sabina, a woman of 36 years and a mother of three. This friend had been in the hospital for weeks, with a strangely swollen hand, which doctors had warned would be amputated if things didn’t change. According to her, the doctors had tried different solutions but nothing seemed to work. Before that, her husband had taken her to a local witch doctor who had promised results after two to three days. This was after the family parted with a huge sum of money as fee. Nothing happened. She had come this hospital as a last resort.

When we asked if we could pray with her, to our surprise, she was more than willing even though she had confessed her Islamic faith. We stood and prayed quietly in the Spirit trying to discern God’s will about our friend’s situation. After 10 or so minutes of fervent prayer, we pronounced healing and left the place with assurance that God would soon remedy the situation. Due to our busy schedule at that period, we missed the following week’s appointment with her. Although in our frail humanity we had almost forgotten her sorry state of health, it turned out that God who never slumbers had heard our prayers and seen her faith even though she knew little of him.


Her hand had been healed in ways that doctors could not explain


And so it happened that on the afternoon of 18 May 2019, I received a call from a woman testifying about the great healing that she had encountered after our visit and prayer in the hospital. She was so excited on the phone, as she narrated how her hand had been healed in ways that doctors could not explain. She explained on phone that one week later she had woken up one morning to a hand that been relieved from the pain and the swelling. This was after a new doctor’s recommendation of a change of the treatment. She believes that the new treatment she received was directed by God, thanks to our prayers and her faith in God. She said with joy that “God heard your prayers, I am now healed”. I plan to visit her soon in her home and thank God together as we celebrate her recovery.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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Aniefiok Antia

Aug 5, 2021

Jesus christ is the Mighty healer and still heals yesterday,today and forever. May His Name be exalted forever.

Rev.Peter Tembo

Apr 16, 2021

Indeed we are worshipping the God of impossibilities. Thank you for your Team of Prayers and may the good Lord continue to bless you and add many more fruitful years to you ministry.

Kwaga Rose

Mar 31, 2021

We thank the Almighty God for the Devine healing, he never fails, when you ask ,persist and have faith, it happens. I'm also praying for courage and strength , I've been having anxiety and stress for one year, I've noticed a great change ever since I put my faith in Jesus


Mar 3, 2021

God is good and He's ready to anything in Jesus' Name to whoever is in need with faith. Thank you God for the GNU ministry.

Nam Jacob

Feb 12, 2021

How great is our God wooo!!! To God be the glory I'll praise my God till I die our God is a working God who shall be against us if Lord is on our side


Feb 9, 2021

All the glory and praise be to our God who heals us...


Feb 11, 2020

Is there anything too hard for me, the God we believed lives and works at his time we just need to move in his program. Thanks goodnews

Hilda- Papua New Guinea

Feb 11, 2020

God of the universe, ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO YOU NOW AND FOREVER. Thank you GNU for sharing this moving and interesting story to remind us of the ever present mystical presence of the Holy GOD who has time and patience towards us despite our Busyness. May our Trinity Family bless, protect and guide us and the GNU ministry for their service in reaching out to us. Amen

Flora Chinyere

Feb 4, 2020

I am born again child of God. I equally came from a good christian background. my request is that your ministry intervene for me in the area of marriage. I and my sisters are of marriageable age for a long time, but nothing to show. Am already giving up and don't know what to do again.


Jan 14, 2020

God I thank because you are a miracle working God,My provider & protector & Healer

Mathew Balasam Gati

Jan 13, 2020

All the honor and glory back to our Heavenly father

Andrew NADU

Dec 25, 2019

Glory be to God almighty for the power and authority has been given to us through His only son JESUS CHRIST, John 14.14 if you ask anything in His Name JESUS CHRIST you will receive accordingly through our FAITH in the power OF HOLY SPIRIT, because the power and authority has been given to use it in Luke 10: 19,, For I have given to you the powers and authority to walk upon snakes and scorpion and to OVERCOME THE POWERS of darkness, May the GOD ALMIGHTY from above you and I be glorified Amen

Jaezel Sanidad

Nov 17, 2019

All Praise and Glory To God for He grantef one of your genuine prayers for her. God is truly amazing and powerful.As we read the important bible verse.In 1 Chronicles 16:11 Look to the Lord and His strenght,Seek His face always.

Joel M. Matse

Nov 7, 2019

Hello thanks for the testimony and your promise to pray for me with your team.I believe in God and prayer nothing else.Pray for my family, my ministry and the church I'm pestering.


Oct 31, 2019

As God had done this miracle to our sister Sabina, I ask you as a group to lift up me in a prayer so that God can do miracle for me and clear all my debts.


Oct 31, 2019

May the glory be to Jesus who healed up her. Surely I believe and I know that everything is possible to God and to the one who believe in Jesus. Thank you for this testimony may God continue to use you and bless you in Jesus name amen.

Sarah May

Oct 16, 2019

I believe that our God is the God that heals and His love encompasses all races, cultures & religion. It is a matter of faith in Him & God is pleased to attend to our every need when we acknowledge our need of Him in everything for without Him we can do nothing. Thank you for your ministry! May God continue to bless us all Fulfill His purposes in us.

Naomi, Fiji

Oct 7, 2019

I'm sure Sabina is a living testimony to carry God's goodness to unbelievers out there in the world. Praise God for His goodness!! Thus I have faith that God will also heal me in His own good time that I will also be a living testimony to others.


Sep 7, 2019

God is still doing miracle I thank God for Sabinna and GNU ministry. I pray that God through your prayers heal me of my knee pain IJN

Samuel Quaye

Aug 29, 2019

May the Almighty God Yaweh be praised for his mercy and healing of Sabina's ailment.l am glad you told me this miracle to renew my faith in the Lord. As I write this letter,I have printed complimentary cards to go out into the streets to invite people to the church.I need the prayer group to support me in prayers for this mission and I request healing prayer from the group for my ailing right eye which is getting blurr. May we all have the blessings and mercy of the most high Yaweh through Jesus Christ our saviour.Amen

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