How God Saved Oleg from a Life of Drugs and Crime – Poltava, Ukraine

Oct 31, 2017 1730

How God Saved Oleg from a Life of Drugs and Crime – Poltava, Ukraine

Oleg (right) is glad he found Jesus.

When I was a child, I was surrounded by atheistic propaganda. It was the days of the Soviet Union and God was hardly spoken about. Back then I did not believe that God existed at all. If I had any belief at this time, it was in the pagan gods of the Slavic religion.

When I was young I was living on the streets. I became a thief and I considered it my profession. I was also addicted to drugs. Due to this lifestyle, over 11 years of my life have been spent in prison.

Even before I met God, I realised that something needed to change. I understood that I had come to the stage where I could either die or be put in prison again. I had enough of my way of life, and decided to make some changes. I had experienced many things in my life – theft, drugs, an incorrect understanding of God – but they didn’t frighten me. I understood the possible consequences of my actions, but it was just my life. Still, I had questions and I couldn’t find the answers alone.


I began to spend time studying the Bible.


I first got answers to my questions at the Gospel meetings conducted by GNU’s Eliezer Gonzalez and Philip Rodionoff from Australia. After these meetings I became more interested in God and began to spend time studying the Bible. I paid attention to what it told me about God, what Jesus Christ did for man, the reason the Bible was written, and where we are going.

I gave up my past way of life and drugs with the help of a 12-step programme conducted by a Christian drug rehab centre called “There is a Way Out.” They explained to me that I needed to change something in my life in order to stay sober. They said I needed to have some understanding of God and go through life together with him. I listened and tried to do what they recommended.


I pray to God for help every day and I know that he is beside me.


I no longer take heavy drugs and I am no longer a thief. I now attend church and have Bible studies with a pastor from GNU.

I am strongly convicted that the existence of everything on Earth would not be there without God. I am convinced more and more that without him man and creation would not be possible. I pray to God for help every day and I know that he is beside me. I know this especially when I have problems that are solved, that couldn’t be if it weren’t for God. I am convinced he helps me. I reach after eternal life. I am on the way!

– Oleg (Edited by Ella Rodionoff)


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Eliezer Gonzalez

May 14, 2018

Joshua, you can submit your prayer request here:

Eliezer Gonzalez

May 14, 2018

Andyas, you're welcome, in the name of Jesus! Grace and peace, Eliezer

Sedrick Odongo

May 13, 2018

King Jesus Christ, the lamb of God will always watch over you for He's there for you at all times just submit all to him and wonders shall come your way brother, for he is the Lord God of possibilities he makes a way where there seems to be no way . Peace.....

Andryas Qadir masih

May 13, 2018

You are expert in your spiritual work. I am very impressed with you. Thanks for teaching me about religion.

Joshua momoh

May 12, 2018

Am facing the same problem. My wife has just left. Please I need help.

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