God Sees You

Jun 7, 2017 1938

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God Sees You

There’s nothing more peaceful than watching a baby sleep, is there? I remember when I was a new dad, watching my baby daughter sleeping. I watched her, simply because I loved her.

As I was growing up as a Christian, the idea that God was always watching me bothered me.

I mean the idea that God is just up there, watching us all the time, just checking on us to make sure we do the right thing, and just waiting for that “gotcha!” moment if we stuff up? It’s all kind of creepy and off-putting, if you ask me!

But what if that’s all a lie? What if God’s not like that at all? What if he’s just like a father, who watches us simply because he loves us?

That’s the God we read about in the Bible.

He’s always watching, not to put you down, but just because he loves you. Remember: He’s always there for you.

Eliezer Gonzalez

God Sees You

God sees you and he is always there for you.

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