Good News Australia 1993 1, 8 & 9

Nov 14, 2014 2140

Issue No. 1

1993 no 1

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  • How Far Can You Go? by Rob Cooper
  • The Sting by John Rayner
  • Church by Ron Allen
  • Two or More Witnesses by Roy Gee
  • Marriage In Western Culture by George Tichy
  • Jesus As The Prodigal Son by Rick Herlinger

Issue No. 8

1993 no 8


  • Christ and Mabo by Ron Allen
  • Spiritual Guidance by Joy Hallam
  • Favorite Future Texts Part Two by Roy Gee
  • Perfect Freedom in the Son by Flora Collett
  • Jehoiachin by Elizabeth Price
  • My Garden Wouldn’t Grow by R Black

Issue No. 9

1993 no 9


  • Christmas Means Christ First, Last and Central
  • Not Being Dismal by Ron Allen
  • Favorite Future Texts Part Three by Roy Gee
  • Star of Bethlehem by CJ Humphreys
  • Tools by Elizabeth Price
  • Casting Bread on Waters by Flora Mia

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