Good News Australia 1999 Issues

Sep 11, 2014 1766

Compilation of GNA 1999 Issues

Issue order is from left to right


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  • Why The Cross? by Desmond Ford
  • Little Green Olives and Patience by Dexter Faulkner
  • Christ Crucified by Charles Spurgeon
  • What is Truth by? by Smuts van Rooyen
  • Q & A with Desmond Ford



  • Nightmares Need Never Linger by Desmond Ford
  • The One True Church by Desmond Ford
  • That Which Was From The Beginning by Ron Allen



  • Stand Your Ground by Smuts Van Rooyen
  • Dissonance by Roy Gee
  • Thanks For What by Desmond Ford
  • Gossip by Mike Nelson
  • The King The Servant and The Fellow Servant by Pastor Ron J. Allen.
  • The Faith of Unbeliever by Martin Robinson



  • The Marvel and The Mystery of Prayer 1 by Desmond Ford
  • The Marvel and The Mystery of Prayer 2 by Desmond Ford
  • The Marvel and The Mystery of Prayer 2 by Desmond Ford
  • Spiritual Roots by Desmond Ford
  • Onion Peel by Elizabeth Price



  • The Light of The World by Desmond Ford
  • Staying Cool by Mike Nelson
  • A King For All People by Ron Allen
  • What Do You Think About The Christ? Who’s Son is He? Mathew 22:42

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