Good News Children’s Care Centre Grows With New Teachers

Sep 12, 2018 1820

Good News Children’s Care Centre Grows With New Teachers

New teachers Diveena, Shiney and Sereesha live out their faith as they work at the Good News Children’s Care Centre.

The Good News Children’s Care Centre has three new teachers! Their names are Shiney, Sereesha, and Diveena and they are passionate about serving others, working with children and spreading the Gospel.

The school in the “untouchable” village of Nadiwada, India, started several years ago in a hired one-room building, which provided the children with food, an education, and knowledge of God’s love. As the centre has grown over the years to a school with its own building, likewise its impact on the community has grown with many people coming to accept Jesus through seeing the love his followers show to their children.

The three new teachers have come to the centre from different walks of life. Shiney was raised a Christian, and studied theology. Sereesha found Jesus at a children’s home, and learned about the children’s centre while studying theology with Shiney. Diveena became a Christian a year ago and led the rest of her family to Christ. Here is what they are saying:

Shiney: My life is full of God’s blessings and gifts. God has given to me the ability to sing and pray and serve others and children. So I am so happy at the Good News Children’s Care Centre. It is God who has brought me here, and my parents also are so happy. So all my life I will serve and spread the Holy Gospel and do the work of God. Thanks to you all in Christ.


They are passionate about serving others


Sereesha: My life is so happy in Christ Jesus… I go to various places and to Gospel Evangelism meetings to sing and worship and spread the Holy Gospel. So my life is dedicated to Jesus Christ. I have come to the Good News Children’s Care Centre to serve and preach and sing and share the Word of God around this place. I love to serve the children and share the Holy Gospel with them and I enjoy teaching them how to sing. I am so happy in Christ Jesus. Thanks to you all. 

Diveena: My life is so happy after accepting Jesus. When I was at school studying, I was doing idol worship and going about Hindu temples along with my friend. So now my life is changing with the Word of God and I am able to teach at the Good News Children’s Care Centre. I pray and read the Bible daily. My Mommy and Daddy are so happy and now they have also accepted Jesus although they were Hindus. I am so very thankful to Jesus for bringing me here. Thanks to Jesus and you all.

– Ella Rodionoff

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