Good News Divine Centre Opens in India

Mar 10, 2019 1478

Good News Divine Centre Opens in India

Many people came to celebrate the opening of the Good News Divine Centre.

In the village of Srinivasapuram, India, a new building has opened called the Good News Divine Centre. Eliezer Gonzalez, and friends of GNU who accompanied him to India, were there for the grand opening.

The building has been a plan of Pr Joseph’s for several years, and he started the project in faith, building the sections one at a time as funding became available. This building will now be a central hub for the Gospel work in the area.

The building’s opening was a big celebration. The ribbon was cut and then a programme was held. People filled the hall, with children sitting on the floor at the front and people even sitting in the windows. The room was filled with the sound of people joyfully singing praise to God, and then the Gospel was preached. After the programme, there was lunch held and food was given to everyone.

The building will serve many purposes in Srinivasapuram and the surrounding community. It will be a place where Gospel meetings will be held, as well as training for pastors on how to effective spread the Gospel. It will also be the location of prayer warrior and youth meetings, as well as somewhere the hungry can come to receive food.


This building will now be a central hub for the Gospel work in the area


Counselling will also be available at the Good News Divine Centre, helping families with problems, people dealing with depression and stress, as well as those struggling with alcohol addiction.

Pr Joseph says,

Five years ago God gave me the vision to build the Good News Divine Centre as a place to preach the holy Gospel weekly and monthly and to save souls in Christ Jesus. So it was the plan, will and wish of God for me to build it. I am so very thankful to God and GNU for helping me to build it for the many people who are in depression and addiction and have family problems and do not know about Jesus or the holy Gospel.

GNU gives me inspiration and encouragement to spread the holy Gospel fast and save souls in Christ Jesus. I am so thankful to Pr Eliezer who has been guiding me and suggesting to me to spread the holy Gospel. So I am so much thankful to GNU for doing and building this Good News Divine Centre. Thanks to you all in Christ Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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