Gospel Book Teaming Up with God’s Timing– Musanze, Rwanda

Mar 24, 2016 1587

Happy to recieve Jesus+0 book

Joy in receiving the Jesus + 0 book

On 12th March 2016,  Emma Uwingabire Tensia, partner with GNU was speaking on invitation at the Maranatha Church in Musanze, a northern district of Rwanda.

Other special guests of the day were Ev. Joel Musinga and Ev. Bangamwabo Jadot from the Kigali church.  Emma and two other pastors shared sermons which, in total, were 3 hours long!

Gospel is for All, Go Preach the Gospel to Everyone was the title preached by Ev. Emma Uwingabire Tensia on behalf of Good News Unlimited, whereafter she distributed Jesus + 0 books to everyone present.

The people attending were blessed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and lives were impacted greatly. Especially a young man named Jean, who made a point to share his story with Emma and let her know how much he appreciates the evangelising work of GNU:

When I was denied an opportunity to get into literature evangelism, I decided to do it as a private person and so I went and purchased the books and I started selling them. I started on distributing the books and waited for payments. However, I did not get payments and so I‘ve got troubled and distressed.  Soon I realised that this business was only a burden and I derived no joy at all. It became difficult for me to reconcile the fact that I needed to earn a living and at the same time evangelise. Providentially, I left my childhood fundamentalist church…

Jean now has a tool to help Spread Word Fast

Jean now has a tool to help Spread Word Fast

I kept on wondering on how I [would] be able to preach through books; I have passion for sharing the Gospel most especially through books. This remained my burden. Then here a miracle! We were told at church that we would be receiving a visitor. And when the day arrived, our visitor Emma came with a load of books– about 100! And the next thing was the invitation for us to receive books. I waited to hear how much the books (Jesus +0) will cost us, but I was told it was a free gift. And my head up, I thanked God in surprise!

Jean went on to explain how he had found an answer to the question that has always troubled him:

God brought me to the Church that I may one day through Emma get to know Good News Unlimited. Now I am also a willing evangelist sharing the unlimited good news. Please can you promise me some books for my various preaching engagements here and there? I am requesting that you accept to always join me with your books in my evangelistic missions.

–Laura Stewart

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