The Gospel Has Given Me Songs of Joy – Musanze, Rwanda

Sep 26, 2017 4910

The Gospel Has Given Me Songs of Joy – Musanze, Rwanda

The Gospel has changed Placid’s life and his music.

Placid is a resident of Musanze, Rwanda, where he is married and blessed with one son. When GNU started its ministry in Musanze, he immediately made friends with Pr Bonifresh, something that has been significant in his spiritual journey as well as his music career. Placid works as a songwriter, singer and producer at a local church in Musanze and is uniquely gifted in playing guitar and the piano. Recently he participated in a church’s hymnals project, which is about to be published for the church’s regular use. 

Placid became one of the first beneficiaries of the Good News that reached Musanze through seminars held at local churches in partnership with GNU. He has been treasuring every word coming from the GNU Ministry, through books, media, live sermons and bible studies.  

“Now I sing songs of joy.”


Raised with a legalistic background, Placid has found a new meaning of Christianity. However, it is his music career that has received the greatest impact. He says, 

The gospel has changed my music. Now I sing songs of joy and not songs of fear of condemnation as I used to.  

Consequently, his songs have been well received in churches and in the media.  He is currently composing a song that he dedicates to GNU as a show of gratitude for making the Gospel accessible to him and others who had been locked for years in the “darkness of legalism”, as he puts it.  

Some of his latest songs are “carry one another’s burden” (Twakirane ibituremerera) and “who can make a right way for me” (Ninde wancira inzira nyanzira). He also plans to start his own music ministry, which he wishes to affiliate with GNU. 

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo  

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