Ana Finds Faith – Kherson, Ukraine

Apr 8, 2016 2042


Ana has decided to be baptised.

This week at the evangelistic Gospel meetings held by Dr Eliezer Gonzalez and Dr Philip Rodionoff in Kherson, Ukraine, several young people are coming forward to accept Christ.

Ana, who is 18, recently spoke with Eliezer about how she came to the meetings.

I came to Kherson last summer to study here, and when I arrived, I decided that I needed to find a church and visit it.  During the first month, I was very busy with work and I couldn’t find enough time, but then I started attending a church.

This church also happens to run a Social Cafe, which was something that Ana wanted to become involved with, so she kept coming to the church.  She explains more,

I met some young people from the church there, and I made friends with them. They told me about the Gospel being presented by the evangelists from Australia, and I was very glad to come and learn about God and his Word.

Dr Philip Rodionoff, Ana, and Dr Eliezer Gonzalez greet one another at a Gospel meeting.

Philip Rodionoff, Ana, and Eliezer Gonzalez greet one another at a Gospel meeting.

Ana is enjoying the meetings because they are tapping into her desire to know God more:

The presentations at the meetings are very interesting and I [am] learning many things that are new to me. I am very interested in examining evidence for the reliability of the Bible.  Most of all, I like the historical facts that are presented at the meetings.

Now Ana has decided to be baptised and she is grateful for these meetings:

The evangelistic programme is very timely for me, and I have decided to be baptised. And so it is very important for me to consider the evidence and feel confidence in the decision that I am making.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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