Gospel Messengers Throughout Western Uganda

Aug 30, 2015 1639

Gospel Messengers in Western Rwanda

Gospel messengers in Western Rwanda

News is filtering back to us of many gospel messengers throughout the remote part of Uganda, in the West of the country, who are taking the message of the gospel to their communities, using Dr Desmond Ford’s book, Jesus Only.

Little did Sammy and Josephine know the gospel ripples that would grow into waves as a result of their visit to Rwanda last year. The books that they distributed have inspired Christian zeal and have created many gospel messengers.

These people are limited financially, and so cannot travel far, nor do they have any access to technology. However the days are coming when Good News Unlimited will find them in their remote places and meet with them. These are very simple people who lack many things, but who have found joy and hope in the best news ever –  the news about a Savior who paid an infinite price for both the poor and the rich of this world.

We look forward to one day meeting many such as these: men and women of faith.

– David Kayumba

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