Gospel Spreads Fast Through Newly Built Prayer Retreat Centre – India

Sep 26, 2017 1757

Gospel Spreads Fast Through Newly Built Prayer Retreat Centre – S.T.Colony, Nandiwada Village, India

People gather in the newly constructed centre to hear the Gospel preached.

There are many people in the towns and villages who have been watching our GNU TV programme every Saturday. Many of these people call me and ask for prayer and I do pray for them. We have also given more than 2,000 holy Bibles to people in the villages. But there are still many people who do not know about Jesus or have no time to pray due to their busy work schedules. They have no quiet place they can go to pray. So it is for these people we have constructed the Good News Retreat Centre.

People can come and stay at the centre for up to two days and pray. During this time they will have free food and accommodation. There are some men and women who have family or personal problems. So they will be able to come to the centre for Christian counseling. Every Friday and Saturday night there will be Gospel and prayer meetings conducted.


“This centre helps share the Holy Gospel.”


I have been forming a team to pray 24 hours for the requests and needs of the people. So the Holy Spirit helps in all ways. Through the GNU TV programme people from all the villages are invited to come to the Good News Retreat Centre. I have seen that people need prayer and changes to accept Jesus in their lives and know move about the holy Gospel.

Moses, who accepted Jesus after coming to a Gospel meeting at the centre, says,

I accepted Jesus at the Good News Retreat Centre after attending a two day Gospel Meeting. This centre reaches many people and invites them from all the remote villages. These people do not know about Jesus and have been facing personal problems and family problems. So this centre helps share the Holy Gospel and helps people to know more about Jesus and accept him in their lives.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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