High School Students Receive the Gospel – Bugema, Uganda

Jul 24, 2016 1375

Bonifresh with Students

Bonifresh greets the students of Ristakka High School after sharing the Word with them.

GNU partnering pastor, Bonifresh Muhollo recently travelled to Bugema, Uganda to share the gospel message with a local high school.

Ristakka High School is a private institution. The school however, hosts students from several different Christian denominations.

During the time of this special invitation, the school was celebrating the sontinued presence of its non-Ugandan students; who were mostly from Kenya or Tanzania.

The theme of the meeting was Fear no More with Matthew 11: 28 as the key text.

Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.

From Thursday through Saturday, I expounded this crucial theme. Having been informed that the senior students were preparing for final exams, I attempted to encourage them, by pointing them to the Bible.

Students have a lot of fears: They fear exams, parents, teachers and the community. However, 95% of this fear is self-generated. When they fail to prepare for exams, disrespect their teachers, parents and the community, then fear is inevitable. The solution is to do the right thing in the right time.

There is also fear in the religious institution: So many of us are not sure about our status with God, we have no confidence or security in our faith. This fear opposes God’s love and it can generate empty works of “righteousness.”  People tend to work in order to please God. When I spoke to the students, I emphasized that our obedience is a result of our status, and not the opposite. I introduced to them the biblical “FEAR”, the fear of the LORD better expressed as “AWE” or “RESPECT”

I was grateful and impressed by the outcome of this three-day service. The students gave thanks to God for the message and promised to defeat negative, ungodly fear.

– Bonifresh Muhollo

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