How a New Gospel Fellowship is Born – Ibanda, Western Uganda

Nov 13, 2015 1494


The members of the Ibanda Gospel Fellowship rejoicing as their receive their copies of “Jesus Only.”

One of our mission adventures in our recent trip to Africa (October 2015) led us into a home an old lady whom Moses had known during his childhood. We shared the Gospel with her, and she excitedly asked us to return because she wanted her friends and neighbours to hear this good news also.

When we returned to her home we met a group of old and the young. All of these people knew something about Christianity, but they were without the Gospel, and without hope.


The elderly lady had gathered all her friends and neighbours together.

Moses spoke to the people and he led them people into questioning what they thought they knew about Christianity, and this led to a discovery of their hopelessness and uncertainties. This was a good starting point so that they could discover the good news.

The joy of people when they discover the good news, is a joy that cannot be hidden, and it is very humbling. Every one of those present gladly received this good news.

I witnessed the joy of those who knew of Moses and his family from decades ago. These people were greatly impressed to see Moses returning to this place, where he had grown up, with the Gospel of grace.

Everyone was asking us to come again so that the people could be better established in the truth of the gospel. Moses has a lot of work to do in this area.

– David Kayumba


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