How God Found The Bibles For the Congolese Soldiers!

Dec 3, 2015 2113


Members of Emma’s Bible study group praising God for the Bibles!

Recently a GNU supporter was moved by God donated the funds to purchase Bibles for the refugee Congolese soldiers isolated and stranded in Uganda. (Here’s a reminder of the background to this inspiring story:

That’s a miracle in itself – every provision of God is a miracle. However, then the story got even more fascinating!

It can be very difficult to obtain Bibles in Africa; not only are they expensive, but they are in short supply. The only way that we could get Bibles to them was through Emma Uwingabire in Rwanda. These soldiers speak Kinyarwanda, the language of the Rwandan people.

WP_20151120_012Emma writes to tell us about how she obtained the Bibles for the prisoners.

I went to the Rwanda Bible Society office to buy the bibles, and I was shocked when they told me that they have very few Bibles in stock. If i wanted 5 Bibles, they would give them to me. But if I needed 100! Their only response was, ‘Sorry, we can’t get them’.

“I was very worried,” says Emma. Where in the world was I going to find 100 Bibles in Kinyarwanda? I visited every place I heard about that might have Bibles. I was very excited when I found a place that had 50 Bibles, but they told me it would be impossible to find more. But faith kept me going. This is God’s work and he is leading the battle against sin. So I went home to wait for God to show me what to do next. After all, God had supplied the means to buy these Bibles, so I knew that he would find the Bibles for me. The battle is not ours; it is God’s.

One Friday, while I and my prayer group were together at my home, studying the Word as we always do, I received a call from a man called Anastase. He works in a Christian bookshop in the town, and he told me that he had just received Bibles! He said that I should rush for them. If I were to delay, someone else might come to buy them, and he would have to sell the Bibles to whoever came first.

So I left my prayer group at home, and rushed to buy the Bibles. When I reached home, everyone was astonished and excited because they could see for themselves what God really can do. They wanted us to take pictures holding those Bibles brought by GNU to support the soldiers. Some of the members of the group want to tell you what it feels like to see prayers answered before their very eyes:

Mr Addis Rugira

I am still young, just 22 years old, and I want to dedicate my youth, my power and my everything to my Saviour who has given me this wonderful salvation in the gospel. Holding these Bibles in my hand, I promise to join hands with GNU. Let me be a GNU messenger, to spread the Word fast. God has already blessed you for you know the mystery of God in his Son Jesus Christ. I am so proud of GNU!!!

Miss Patricia Gakwaya from Kiyovu

For sure the people of God still exist. The Bible tells us how in the last days there will be hunger not for food, but for the word of God. GNU has come at the right time, Praise God!

Gemima Mukasine from Mount Jaari
Through GNU I now understand that, on Earth they are a few people that God has reserved for His service. I didn’t believe that religious people would provide the Bible for free! I thank God for GNU, that it provides spiritual food for God’s people. May God bless you more!!!

Emma concludes: “May the Almighty God continue to allow us to be a blessing in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.”

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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