How God Has Continually Saved Me

Apr 29, 2014 1516

When I was about 8 years old I took my sister on the bus to school each morning. My dad would pray with us for our safety before we left. Our house was set back from a busy main road on a small private road. We would go through the gap in the hedge and then cross the main road to get to the bus stop.

The morning of this experience we waited for our dad who was busy doing whatever dad’s do and were running late. After our prayer we ran through the gap in the hedge and were about to run across the main road in our haste without checking for traffic. As I was about to run across with my little sisters hand firmly in my grasp, I felt a warm firm hand placed on my chest which stopped me dead in my tracks on the kerb side and my little sister whose hand was firmly in mine rebounded as my arm pulled her back onto the kerb. Just after she did so a car zoomed past us blowing its horn at us. If that hand hadn’t held me, we would both be dead.

Since that day onward I have always had a prayer in my heart as I know that God’s guardian angel is there for me if I ask it to be. This was the first of many miracles in my life.

About the age of 10 we lived in a village called Crossford near Dunfermline in Scotland. Our school was three quarters the way between our village and the next, a good 20 minute walk. During the summer holidays I pestered my dad for bicycle. He purchased me a super all aluminium frame 5 speed narrow tyre racer. The latest type of bicycle at that time.

My dad instructed me to ride it to the park and around the park only. As the holidays progressed my dad and I went cycling together a few times, occasions that I greatly treasured just me and my dad exploring the countryside.

When school term came I got permission to cycle to school. My dad gave me strict instructions only to cycle straight to school and straight back from school. I was left in no doubt that he did not want me cycling anywhere else.

The journey to school was uneventful and when I went to lock the bicycle in the shed at school it seemed everyone wanted a ride. At first my friends only cycled around the playground. When lunch time came a couple actually went onto the road. “OK” I thought, if they can do it so can I. I cycled to the next village and then started on my journey back. The road ran across a small valley created by a stream and was turning to the right at the same time. At the side of the road was a two foot high stone support wall and below it following the valley was a pavement.

As I went round this bend at speed a bus came in the opposite direction toward me and was near the centre of the road. I pulled my bicycle sharply to the left and my front wheel hit the wall and I went over the handlebars dropping headfirst onto the pavement six feet below.

I came to the first time in my parent’s bed and the next time in hospital, vomiting blood. The first thing I asked the nurse was if my dad had been. She answered that he had and was coming back that night. I was not exactly looking forward to this forthcoming contact, for I was expecting a lecture for disobeying him. But when my dad arrived at visiting time, he just threw his loving tender arms around me and hugged me to himself. He never once lectured me or told me off. Later on in my life I found out from my mum after my dad’s death that the bicycle was a right off and the saddle was actually found over twenty feet away where the accident took place, the impact being so great. To this day I have a dent in my scull where I hit the pavement. I was told by my mum that the doctors said that the accident should have killed me the impact being so great, and that it was a miracle that I survived.

In 1999 I moved into a new house closer to my daughter’s school.

On a Saturday night, having left my daughter at a friend’s home I went to bed expecting a good night’s sleep. On the following day, Sunday I was due to take my daughter to a church camp. Just after 1 am in the morning I was woken up by a banging on the front door. I looked out the window to see a man who was now smashing at the door. I tried asking him what he wanted but just got some abusive linguistics as a reply and more heavy booting of the door.

The telephone was downstairs so I started to go down to phone for the police, but as I reached the bottom of the stairs the man forced entry and on seeing me hit me on the head with a blow that caused my head to hit the wall at the side of the stairs and knock me down, and as I started to pull myself up he hit me again, knocking me out. I woke up on my settee with the man fuming that he couldn’t find her. After a bit I was able to understand that he was able to make me understand that he wanted to kill the woman who used to live in the house as she used to be his girlfriend.

Dragging me into the kitchen he found a kitchen knife and drawing blood from my neck with it he threatened to kill me should I not tell him where she lived. The fact is that I did know where she was, but having been told that he wanted to kill her and her child, which was his, I didn’t feel at liberty to tell him, as I couldn’t be sure that the police could protect her before he got to her. Not wanting to tell a lie I just said “I can’t tell you”.

He continued threatening me and in my mind I asked God to save me for His kingdom, as I was now sure that I was about to die. As I repeated my request to God a second time, I felt a warm glow hit the top of my head and flow through my body. I took this as a sign from God that He had saved me from my sin and that I would see Him in heaven. So I thanked God. As I thanked God a second time the man withdrew the knife from my throat and dragged me into the living room.

Over the next five and a half hours he held me hostage at knife point and told me about the evils of this woman. During his tirade he also told me that he hadn’t killed me because the voices that controlled him had at the time he took the knife away from my throat told him not to kill me. So he said he would come back to finish the job after he had killed his ex girl friend. It turned that he was mentally unstable with an affliction called schizophrenia and had just been in jail for a previous assault charge and had been released early.

The man was known by the police who eventually had him jailed for a further eighteen months for his assault upon myself.

The police also arranged for me to be moved so that the man would not be able to find me again after he had ended his jail sentence.

After this experience there isn’t anybody in this world that can convince me that God doesn’t exist. I know that He does and praise Him daily. You too can have Him as your friend and protector, just ask Him.

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