How The Gospel Sustains Kankamma

Oct 9, 2015 1555


Kankamma in her hut with Pr Joseph

“The word of God makes me happy every day, even though I have so many problems in my life,” says Kankamma.

This woman does indeed have many problems to face, says Pastor Joseph. She was only twenty-one when her husband abandoned her and their two sons. Alone, she supported herself and her children by becoming a washerwoman for other people.

Kankamma heard the gospel message and accepted Jesus; her new faith gave her the courage to face her difficult life. And she has not kept the source of her inspiration and strength a secret. She has inspired other people to find out about Christianity and about fifty people have become Christians as a result of her ministry. Until recently she still used to bring 15 people from where she lives, to Pr Joseph’s prayer meetings.


Kankamma outside her hut.

As she has become older, her life has become very difficult. Her sons take little notice of her, and she lives in a small hut that barely shelters her from the elements. Her health is poor and she now has difficulty walking. She prays that God will help her; Pastor Joseph prays for her, visits her, and helps her where he can.

Kankamma has found a way to watch the Good News Unlimited television programme every week. “It gives me very great spiritual strength and courage,” she says. “Though I have been facing so many problems at my house, I am so much thankful to Jesus for making me so happy with the powerful word of God in my life.”

– Pr Joseph Usala, Andhra Pradesh, India

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