How to Watch Good News Unlimited on Television Across East Africa

Jul 9, 2015 1924


Good New Unlimited gets the thumbs up!

Good News Unlimited presents the gospel in its simplicity and purity, through its flagship television programme, The Unlimited Show. This programme is on Family TV across the whole of Kenya and across the greater East Africa region. It can be seen every Saturday at 4 pm (Kenyan time).

The Unlimited Show features the gospel ministries of presenters Dr Desmond Ford, Dr Eliezer Gonzalez, Dr Philip Rodionoff, Elenne Ford, Laimon Eglentals, Bilyana de Soto, Colin Maclaurin, and Rebecca Gonzalez – all of whom uplift the gospel, the cross, and above all, Jesus only. Good News Unlimited was founded by Dr Desmond Ford, evangelist and theologian.


The Unlimited Show now reaches a potential audience of 40 million people across East Africa.

Family TV launched in in 1999 in Nairobi as the 4th TV station and as the first faith–based network. Over the past 16 years it has increased its reach from one town to covering the whole of Kenya and is now accessible on the majority of platforms in East Africa. It can also be received via satellite across the greater East Africa region. It is a free-to-air channel meaning means there is no monthly fee to receive it.

Good News Unlimited is pleased to partner with Family TV in sharing the gospel with millions across East Africa.

As there are a variety of decoders, they have been listed below for your ease in finding the right channel in your area:

1) Any Free-to-Air Decoder: Family TV will appear in the channel list as SIGNET – FAMILY TV. The channel number may possibly change per location because there are different signal distributors. We have it as channel 002 – SIGNET FAMLY TV. The main thing is to look for SIGNET FAMILY TV is the channel list.

2) GOtv Decoders: Family TV is listed as SIGNET FAMLY TV and is on channel 801.

3) Startimes Decoders: Family TV is listed as STV – FAMILY TV and is on channel 457

4) Bamba TV Decoders: Family TV is listed in the channel list as SIGNET FAMILY TV and is currently on channel 024

5) Zuku: Family TV is listed as FAMILY TV and is on channel 877. Zuku TV is in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

6) Satellite Dish: Family TV can be found on any satellite dish that is aligned to EUTELSAT E70B. The channel number may change depending on where you are and scanning procedure but is seen as FAMILY TV-1 in the channel list. On satellite Family TV is see across East and the Great East Africa region.

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