How Your Support is Giving a Former Pop Star New Hope

Apr 15, 2015 1497

By Mischa, Poltava, Ukraine


I was the lead singer in the pop group Freestyle that was famous throughout the former Soviet Union in the late 90s and 2000s. I was a star, and everybody knew who I was. I was also an alcoholic.

I joined a church. I was baptised and became the worship leader, but I hid behind my music and continued to drink. Eventually, after committing secret adultery and filled with guilt, I left the church.

Alcohol totally took over my life, and my wife and I became drug addicts. She eventually died from drug abuse. I was distraught and I wanted to die too. This was my lowest point.

I found a Christ-centred recovery programme, and finally surrendered all my pride to God. God guided me step by step until he brought me to attend the gospel meetings being presented by Dr Eliezer Gonzalez and Dr Philip Rodionoff here in Poltava (Ukraine).

I thought I knew a lot about the gospel – perhaps that was my pride. But what I am learning here about the gospel is simply wonderful. Now it is finally all making sense. I are so happy now!

As a musician, I can understand that God has brought true harmony into my life now. And all I can do is to be humble and give glory to Him.

It’s through your gifts and prayers that GNU is able to spread the Word to friends like Mischa. Thank you!

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