I Am A New Man in Christ! – Pr Ratnam’s Story

Sep 9, 2015 1696

Background: In this part of India, the pastors typically have no training in Christianity whatsoever, and as a result the gospel is very poorly understood, without even mentioning the members of the churches themselves. It is not uncommon for churches to not have any outreach whatsoever, and consequently, they do not grow. Good News Unlimited supports Pr Joseph so that he can run a public evangelistic meeting once a month in a different town.


Pr Ratnam praying after sharing his testimony.

My name is Ratnam. I am a pastor, and I have come recently from Hyderabad, where I was also a pastor for several years.

When I heard about the Gospel Evangelism meeting, led by Pr Joseph, I decided to go and see.

Hearing the preaching of the gospel touched me. It was wonderful and excellent, and made me want to do much more work for God. In my whole life I had never seen the gospel being preached to people who were not believers – and this is what I saw at the Gospel Evangelism meeting.

The Gospel Evangelism meetings are helping many people who do not know about Jesus Christ, and many people’s lives, who do not have peace and good family lives, have been transformed. The faith of many people is increasing in the love and great faithfulness of Jesus.

As for me, what I heard at the Gospel Evangelism meeting has changed my life and although I am a pastor, now I can say that I am a new man in Christ!

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