“I Have Not Seen This Manner of Love Before”

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“I Have Not Seen This Manner of Love Before”

Throughout everything, Joseph has remained a devoted Christian.

Joseph is the younger brother of one of pastors in Nairobi, Kenya. I met him 7 years ago, when I was staying with his brother. His is a story of faith in God amidst suffering and disappointment, unrelenting trust, and obedience in all times.

Joseph was leading a fairly normal life. He had a successful job selling Christian books in Nairobi. He lived in his own house, paying his bills. He was young those days, and he had a dream. The dream was to make enough money and finally go for further studies in Uganda. In seeming fulfilment to his aspirations, Joseph left Kenya for Uganda in August 2009, ready to start his academic journey. He was admitted at a Christian university where he registered to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Social Science and Social Administration.

However, his joy would only be short-lived. A few months later, even before he sat for his first exams, he fell sick. He was diagnosed with a serious form of depression. Doctors ruled out the idea that he would ever be able to study or concentrate. On arriving home, he was taken to the hospital and given a lifetime prescription of drugs. Since then, his life has been punctuated with similar relapses.

Although Joseph’s ability to pursue his passion or provide for himself was taken away by this unfortunate condition, one thing that amazes me is his relentless love for the Gospel. Throughout it all, since the day I met him, he has been a devoted Christian.


One thing that amazes me is his relentless love for the Gospel


His story resurfaced recently when he met me in Uganda, where he had come to collect his documents from his former university. When I saw Joseph, he looked confused physically and emotionally. He was dressed almost in rags and looked malnourished. Anyone who had known Joseph before would not have resisted shedding tears.

I took him home and gave him water to bathe, food to eat, and better clothes to put on. Joseph could not understand why I was treating him like a human. He told me how he had been rejected by old friends and how his own family cares little. Then he began crying, and said, “Bonifresh, I need to know your God. I have not seen this manner of love before even in my church.”

Soon Joseph will be going back to Nairobi, not only dressed in a suit given to him by a brother but also with a heart dressed with the love of Christ.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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