“I Have Thrown Out All My Idols” – Prakabar Rao, Nandiwada, India

Jan 6, 2016 1403


Prakabar Rao happily holding his new Bible. He has replaced the idols in his home with the truth of God’s Word.

Prabakar Rao was born and brought up in a Hindu family and had been practicing idol rituals from his birth. Prakabar lives in Nandiwada, where the Good News Children’s Care Centre is being built. Pr Joseph has started holding prayer meetings in the village.

Prakabar decided to come to the prayer meeting. When he saw the work that is being done at the Good News Children’s Care Centre, and when he heard the Gospel being preached, he was so moved that he went home and removed all the idol photos that were at his family house. Now his family members are also slowly accepting Jesus.

Recently, Prakabar was overjoyed to receive a Bible in his own language – one of the several hundred Bibles sponsored by a friend of Good News Unlimited for the people of Nandiwada. Prakabar says,

It is first time in my life seeing works like this at the Good News Children Care Centre, and the Gospel preaching and praying has very much moved and touched my heart.

When I accepted Jesus in my life I became so happy. Before that I was not happy. I had no peace of mind and had many, many economical problems and family problems. Now by the grace of God I have been overcoming all those problems. I thank Jesus for saving me.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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