Inspiring Story: Children Share Jesus With Their Community – Nandiwada, India

Apr 7, 2017 1521

Jesus Share Jesus With The Community

The children share Jesus and bring joy to a tiny home.

The sounds of children laughing and talking could be heard throughout the “untouchable” village of Nandiwada, India. The children from the Good News Children’s Care Centre walked along the road with Pr Joseph and their two teachers. They said hello to those they passed, and stopped at the home of one of the local families, where they were invited inside. The story of the Gospel and words of prayer could be heard through the open door. Neighbours, looking curiously from their windows, watched the group move from home to home. Soon they would hear a knock on their own door.

In this way, Pr Joseph, Sruthi and Hemalatha, the two teachers at the Good News Children’s Centre, recently visited the homes of 100 Nandiwada families with the children from the centre. Some people they visited were children’s parents. Other homes didn’t have children at the centre, but had accepted Jesus after seeing the work his followers did for the children of their village. There were also families who, although they had been exposed to Christianity, were still Hindu.

With each of these families, Pastor Joseph, the teachers and the children spoke about Jesus, and Pr Joseph prayed for the families. As they came to understand the power of the Christian God and the power of prayer, many people had prayer requests for their families and themselves.

Sarojane, who found Jesus through the children’s centre, told Pr Joseph,

It is a great pleasure and honour for us to be prayed for by you. We never expected that you would come and wish us well and pray for all our families. As you know, around here there are many Hindus and idol worshipers who do not believe in Jesus. So visiting these families is good and helps Hindu people come to know about Jesus. 

Through prayer God does great things in our families. So please pray for us. Your prayers are so valuable to us and help to change our way of life. I give thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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