My Faith Was Weak, But God Still Worked a Miracle! – Janice’s Story

Aug 13, 2014 1803

My son Jared just turned 42 and has Downs Syndrome. When he was 5 we found out he had a hole in his heart so he had open heart surgery during which he received a transfusion. In 1977 nobody knew anything about hepatitis C. They did know about other hepatitis’s, but not C. About 8 years ago, during a physical, our doctor discovered Jared has Hepatitis C. Of course I started praying for a miracle since there has been no cure for Jared’s type of hep C, genus 1A, and had requested everyone else I knew, including GNU to please pray also.

He has been sleeping more and has a lot less energy than normal. He has had a lot of pain in his liver region. He spent 8 days in the hospital with cellulitis awhile back, caused by his disease. We now know that his liver has a lot of cirrhosis, which of course causes these problems. We had been told that nothing could be done for Jared. He is lucky if he has 20% of his liver still functioning, which is easy to understand since he has had this disease for 37 years.

I recently told our doctor that I would be happy to give Jared part of my liver. So his hep C specialist here in Grand Junction, sent his paperwork over to the University Hospital in Denver so we could see if he could be put on the liver transplant list. We found out they do not accept livers for transplant from anyone over the age of 50, I am 72. (We live 250 miles from Denver). His hepatologist there told us that he is not sick enough to be put on the transplant list but that they would attempt to get for him the 2 new medications that just were released, but that the regimen cost $150,000 and there could be large co-pays.

Well, my faith was very weak that we would get it because we live on his and my Social Security, but I certainly prayed that we would.

New LIfeTwo weeks ago Friday I got a call from a pharmacy in California asking if someone would be home to sign for the meds for Jared Anderson, and that there would be NO co-pay!!! I was so stunned I could barely talk. Then I could barely talk because of my tears of joy. But I assured him I would be home the following Tuesday.

We have not kept from Jared the facts about his disease. He is a pretty intelligent man considering his Downs. So when I told Jared we jumped up and down and could hardly stop. He loves Jesus and knows that this will prolong his life by a lot. This has to be a direct answer to so many prayers, yours included.

Jared is extremely precious to my heart. He is as good a person as anyone I know and I could not possibly be any more grateful to God for his amazing display of love in answering this extremely important prayer for us.

I have been divorced since 1998 and his dad is remarried and lives in Oregon, so he is hardly involved with Jared’s life, but my other 2 sons, who live here, are involved in Jared’s life. They are both highly successful men by worldly standards, but have no relationship with the Lord. Now I am asking for prayers for their salvation.

We had a very dysfunctional family when they were growing up with a lot of physical and mental abuse from their father caused by drugs and alcohol mainly. I think this is why they have no relationship with God.

I am sure this miracle is for my other two sons to also know about God’s love and his power. I think I should also ask for prayers for my ex-husband and his wife as well.

So I am just praying and hopeful that this miracle will bear much fruit in the lives of my boys whom I love immensely, as well in the lives of others who hear the story.

Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart for the prayers for my son!!!

Des and the gospel have been an immense blessing to me!

I have been concerned about what would happen to GNU since Des is getting older. But I am happy God has brought you (Eliezer) on board and I can certainly see why He has done that.

God is Good All The Time!!!!

Your Sister in Christ,


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