Jeevan and His Family Find Hope in Christ Through Friends Like You!

Nov 10, 2016 34055

Jeevan and his family are among thousands of people in India whose lives are being transformed as you introduce them to Jesus through GNU TV’s gospel broadcasts.

Jeevan is wheelchair-bound after an accident caused the loss of his leg. He, his wife and two daughters felt trapped in their poverty. They often had no food to eat.

Every day, Jeevan searched for food – and meaning in life. Then, one day thanks to generous friends like you, he came across the GNU program on TV. As Jeevan listened to the Word of God, he became “empowered” by the gospel. That’s when he began to pray for the things he and his family needed.

One day, out of the blue, a man came and gave them some rice to eat. Acknowledging God’s faithfulness to supply his need, Jeevan gained spiritual strength by continuing to pray and by asking his family to watch the gospel messages presented by Pastor Joseph Usala on the GNU TV program week by week.

Then God showed his faithfulness once more when a friend told Jeevan that he wanted to help Jeevan’s daughters get the schooling they longed for – all expenses paid. Jeevan thanked Jesus and his faith was increased.

God worked miracles for these new believers as they allowed their faith in Jesus to hold a supreme place in their hearts. Jeevan says:


“I never knew about Jesus. I had so much disparity about losing my leg, and my family members cried for me for months. But it was Jesus who heard my prayers and my family’s prayers.

 “It was the gospel message on the GNU TV channel which changed my family’s entire life. Now we are so happy in Christ Jesus. I am very thankful to Jesus for everything he has done.”

 This is the power of your support! God uses the gifts and prayers of friends like you to spread the Word fast and change lives like those of Jeevan and his family.

 We’re deeply grateful for you!

Josiah obiero

May 23, 2021

God's faithful.

Klain Lau Ambalis

Mar 21, 2021

Thank God. God pack all Blessings in Christ, so you believe and have faith in Christ, there you reap the BLESSING. Amen

Theresa Josiah

Mar 16, 2021

Thank you God for using mere humans for your glory. That's why Jesus' says ask and you shall receive, knock and doors will be open, seek and you will find. Jeeven did these in his pain and isolation and his condition or situation but God made himself present in the few who blessed him and his family to see the light of Jesus at work. Blessed be his glorious holy name.


Mar 15, 2021

If u believe en trust in God, nothing can fail Him.

Noel Maihi

Sep 4, 2020

All glory to God. Mathew 21:22 If you beleive you will receive whatever you asked in prayer.


Feb 20, 2020

Praise the Lord!!!He is a faithful God.. None is like him...All the praise and honor credit to you alone Mighty God..


Jan 21, 2020

We give Him all the glory, for His a faithful father who provides to His children.


Jan 18, 2020

Amen! Thank you Jesus

Eriga David Julious

Nov 29, 2019

Jeremiah 29:11 for he always has a good plan for us. What a loving and caring God. Thanks you so much pastor for keeping me strong. May God bless you.

Dante maneb

Nov 11, 2019

Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all our needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus. Welcome to the family of God.


Oct 30, 2019

Sometimes God wants to speak into our lives through the wilderness, until we obey and he speaks into our lives, we will never understand his ways


Oct 27, 2019

Amazing testimony! God is great

endrie nombre

Aug 29, 2019

God has a special plan for every one of us He will surely meet the needs. I will pray for you brother.

Juma Praise

Aug 22, 2019

Thank God Christ came.

Semi Lomavatu

Jul 8, 2019

Our Lord is the Lord of impossible.....!! He loved us so much that he sends us his very special one....!!! He has more lining up, and the more you praise and adore him, just watch what he is capable of...!!! Mighty God..... His name to be praised and his alone...??

Archie L Dippa

Apr 13, 2019

Mark 11:24 what so ever thing you asked when you pray believe that you have received it and it will be your.... Thanks God for your faith in Jesus Christ, My hope is built on nothing less then Jesus blood and righteousness....

Moses Finnoh

Mar 16, 2019

Psalms 55:22 you should cast your bodern to God. he never let you simple or fall all thanks to the most night God

Ndayisenga Benjamin

Mar 11, 2019

Praise the Lord for everything he has done for you that's why I like Gospel because it's new life

Garae Mackline

Feb 18, 2019

To God be the glory great things he had done, He's the sources of everything.

Donatus Nafu

Feb 14, 2019

Jesus name be praised!

Lynn cartwright

Feb 12, 2019

Hi. I feel very good that you looked to the Lord. He is the only one. The hymn says, "Don't give up on God." God bless you all.

Anthony Sallay

Feb 12, 2019

Thank God that we have a helper in heaven

Amcy Stuart

Feb 12, 2019

Indeed he is our provider, May his will be done in our lives

Gilbert Masonga

Feb 12, 2019

Thanks be to God for his goodness, through the gospel unlimited of our Lord Jesus Christ

Mahamudun Nabi

Feb 12, 2019

Thank you God my Lord Jesus. I love you from my bottom heart. I am feeling happy, because my God always wirh me. That is my pure trust to my God. Because I am a God chosen very lovely obedient trusted son. I love God and God love me. That is my satisfaction inside and outside. So, God knows everything and God can do anything. My trust is here.


May 28, 2018

Mighty and wonderful is the Lord we serve. Glory be to God. God's Time Is The Best

Eliezer Gonzalez

May 2, 2018

Thank you, Betty, for your encouragement in the Lord! Grace and peace, Eliezer

Betty Ukin

May 2, 2018

The God that we serve is so big and mighty that there is nothing he can not do.He stated in Phillipians 4.19 that he shall supply all our needs according to his riches in glory through christ Jesus. Our faith in him ust grow stronger each day as we we read and mediatate on his word and pray to him every day.Joshua 1.8 says the book of the law must not depart from our house,we must meditate on it night and day and we shall become prosphurus and successfull.Phillipians 4;6 says we must petion our requests to him. .I love my God.He is everything to me and my family.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Apr 29, 2018

I'm glad you have this wonderful experience with the Lord. Grace and peace, Eliezer

Kalpona rani roy

Apr 28, 2018

God knows what we need.but we have to pray.sometime I get over stressful time then stop other things and only pray to God.I know and trust my best friend Jesus,he can solve easily. Thanks to God he sent Jesus for me and my sin.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 7, 2018

Thanks Willie, for your encouragement! I hope you will continue to grow in your knowledge and love of Jesus. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Browne Willie

Mar 6, 2018

I am happy and grateful to have come across this website, it is indeed very helpful to me , my families and some if my neighbors for it words of Christ Jesus our saviour and creator of this world.. We remain bless and happy and thankful for your wonderful works in the Lord.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 4, 2018

Thank you John, for your prayers and encouragement in this great work. Grace and peace, Eliezer Gonzalez


Mar 4, 2018

God bless you pastor for making Christ known all over the world. God sees your efforts, and for the family of brother Jeevan God had already visited once and for all in Jesus name Amen


Dec 2, 2017

I love Got


Dec 2, 2017

I love Got!!!

Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 8, 2017

Thank you Tom, for your love of Jesus and his children.

Tom Durst

Oct 7, 2017

I am very committed to support this wonderful ministry that is sharing the gospel where most needed and lives are being transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

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