Jesus Called Me To Be a Pastor – Ruthumma’s Story

May 8, 2015 1471


Ruthumma loves to share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever she goes.

I am a lady who is doing God’s work as a pastor. I was a Hindu by birth, and I grew up doing all of the Hindu rituals. However, later I came to know about Jesus from my mother and that is how I came to believe in Jesus.

I have faced a lot of problems because I believe in Jesus. In addition to that, I am a widow, since my husband also died a long time ago. I have one son and two daughters.

I wanted to do God’s work, and so I began praying about this. Then I realized that God was calling me to do His work as a pastor. So I left everything and now I spend all my time doing the work of God.

I am very, very happy to work with Good News Unlimited. I always come to the prayer and worship meetings.

I also have my own small church which meets above my mother’s brother’s house. All of my family members have been converted to Jesus from a Hindu background.

My work is to go from house to house and from village to village to spread the Good News to as many people as possible. The purpose of my life is to share Jesus with my Hindu community.

Ruthumma lives in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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