Jesus in the House

Feb 18, 2019 4736

Jesus in the House

Things change when Jesus is in the house.

When Jesus entered the house of Jairus, the house was full of people. But it wasn’t a party. It was a funeral.

They were crying and wailing. There was only mourning and the depths of desperation and despair.

Jesus didn’t want any of that in this house.

When Jesus left the house, it was still full of people. But this time, they were celebrating. They were having a party.

It’s almost impossible to understand how a home mourning the loss of a loved one could go from the depths of grief to a party full of joy. There’s no way that I know that could happen.

But Jesus knows a way.

When Jesus arrived at the house of Jairus, his beloved daughter has just died. The hired mourners were in full cry, wailing and screaming, announcing to the whole world that a tragedy had occurred.

When Jesus enters the house, he tells them to stop crying, that the situation is not how they think it is, that there is hope for the little girl who had died. But they laughed at him (Mark 5:39–40).

When Jesus is in the house, he speaks life to the dead.

You see, when Jesus is in the house, he announces something so radical that those who don’t know him and what he is capable of, will only laugh. And that’s why Jesus threw them all out. They didn’t belong in the house. They announced sadness, but he had come to bring joy.

Then Jesus goes into the room where the child was lying, and he took her by the hand, and he spoke to her. When Jesus is in the house, he speaks life to the dead.

What do you have in your life that has died? Is it a relationship? Is it your hope? Is it your love? Whatever it is, when you allow Jesus in, he will speak to it. And when Jesus speaks to the dead, life will always return.

Jesus speaks to the dead in love. He doesn’t just say, “Get up!” He says, “Little girl, get up” (Mark 5:41). The voice of Jesus when he is in the house is the voice of authority. But it is also the voice of tender affection and supreme love.

When they saw what Jesus had done, everyone in the house was completely astonished (v.42). When Jesus is in your house – in your life – you will be completely astonished too.

How is your life, my friend? Are you living a life of continual complete astonishment and wonder? Is Jesus in the house?

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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Apr 2, 2024

I love that when Jesus is in the house everything changes. And it does.


Jan 28, 2020



Dec 9, 2019

I trust in you jesus please enter in my heart and redeem me from bad situations and bad thoughts

Fromsa Solomon

Jul 28, 2019


Josephine Everingham

Jul 20, 2019

Such a beautiful picture of what our Saviour does for us, this really lifted my spirit today...God Bless you all at GNU.

Nirosha akurugoda

Mar 21, 2019

Yes please

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