‘Jesus Only’ Makes Inroads into a Rwandan Hospital

Oct 8, 2014 2110

ClaireSister Mukesha Claire in Rwanda loves evangelism. When she learnt from Sammy in Brussels that, GNU had given to Rwanda a gift of books (Jesus Only by Dr Des Ford) and that some of these books were still in Kigali stored in a pastor’s house, she squeezed time out of her busy schedule as hospital nurse to travel to Kigali and pick up a box of books. This is in itself not a small matter.

She rejoiced as she read this book and she decided that this book should given to people in real need, and there was no better place in which to find such people be found but in the hospital where works daily.

That was a month ago. Since then, she has amazingly she been purposefully distributing these books to her patients and her workmates and as we speak now she has joyfully distributed 400 copies.  She does this out of joy and love for Christ. She wrote me saying,

The books are greatly loved. Each time I administer drugs to my patients in the hospital where I work, I also give them Jesus Only. Whoever I give a book to, they tell another, and so they ask me for a book as well, and the chain goes on and on until now I have no more books.

Both the patients and her work mates have been spreading the word and that is how she has been able to distribute 400 books by herself.

The books she took from Kigali are finished, and I have asked Pr Ephron to give her every remaining book that he may have.

Claire and old man1In the photo here, she had just delivered some books to a wonderful Catholic family, who had requested these books in order to be able to share them with their friends. The elderly man you see in this picture, the head of that family, was happy with book because it has no other agenda other than to present Jesus Christ.

The work of Claire is a great testimony of how much can be achieved laboring in obscurity. No headlines, no financial rewards, nor help from anyone! We will probably never know how many lives will be caught up in the Gospel net through the simple and yet significant effort of this one lady, Claire.

Mukesha Claire is a nurse, and a single mother.

God is triumphant anyway.

David Kayumba

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