Jesus Transforms Auto Rickshaw Driver’s Life – Hindu Pale, India

Feb 13, 2018 2035

Jesus Transforms Auto Rickshaw Driver’s Life – Hindu Pale, India

Sanjeevarao’s life has been changed through hearing the Gospel.

Sanjeevarao lives in the village of Hindu Pale, where he works as an auto rickshaw driver. He recently gave his life to Jesus through the ministry of Good News Unlimited.

Sanjeevarao’s life had been marked by harmful lifestyle habits and immoral behaviour. He had an alcohol addiction and his way of life was taking a toll on his wife and daughter.

But one day something happened that changed the course of his life. He was sitting in front of the TV, flipping through the channels when he stopped on one with a man talking about the Gospel. The man on the screen, as he would find out, was Pr Joseph.

Sanjeevarao watched the programme, and listened to the message that preached hope into his life. He continued to watch the programme in the weeks to come, and decided to give his life to Jesus.


He stopped on a channel with a man talking about the Gospel


After accepting Jesus, his life began to change. Sanjeevarao’s wife and daughter were very happy about the changes in his life. They started watching the GNU TV programme and also accepted Jesus into their lives.

Sanjeevarao says,

I am so thankful to Jesus and GNU who have been giving the GNU TV programme to us in India. It is the powerful holy Gospel that touched my heart and changed my way of life. I also thank Pr Joseph.

– Ella Rodionoff

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Jul 2, 2018

Thank you Elbert. By praying with us you are doing the work of God together with us - the most important work in the world. Grace and peace, Eliezer

Elbert T. Nyonneoh

Jul 1, 2018

I am very thankful to GNU program too for continuously saving souls and encouragement for Christ Jesus on a daily basis. I pray that God will strengthen them to encourage their friends also.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Jul 1, 2018

Thanks for your encouragement, Andrew! Grace and peace, Eliezer


Jun 30, 2018

A life made better is always good news, and good also for those associated with it. Understanding God's love for us through knowing Jesus is the best way of getting a better life, as demonstrated by Sanjeevarao. Keep up the good work GNU.

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