John Drives His Way into the Gospel – Remera, Rwanda

Jun 7, 2016 1386

Mr John

Old friends, Emma and Mr John sit and discuss the gospel, years after seeing each other.

Mr John’s traffic violation was welcomed with a fine and… the gospel?!

John was driving a near the town of Remera when he saw a lady walking down the street whom he thought he recognised. He immediately stopped right in the middle of the road in order to go and meet her.

As it turned out, that lady was Emma Tensia, an evangelist of the gospel and partner with GNU. When John approached her, she recognised him but was certainly surprised to see him. She says:

Mr John is an old family friend. He was surprised to see me and could not believe it. The last time he saw me was in 1993, before the Rwandan Genocide– imagine all these years! He stopped the car in the middle of the road and the traffic police ended up making him pay a fine for the violation.

After catching up and talking all about family news, He asked me about my work and the career path I had chosen. I told him how I’d been called to spread the word of God. I showed him the Jesus Only book and I shared the good news with him.

Igniting some interest of his own, Emma listened as John asked her some questions. He opened up to her and shared:

I am not satisfied where I am and I feel an emptiness within. I just need to know, how can I find the true religion?
Travelling through many regions of Rwanda to spread the gospel, Emma is faced with these kinds of questions regularly. She says:

I encouraged him to read and understand the Word of God with the help of the Holy spirit. I also encouraged him to tune into the Jesus Only radio program each Monday and Wednesday.  We separated then, but promised to meet again soon to answer his questions and continue learning in the gospel.

– Laura Stewart

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